About us

TMSV Edutech is an enabler, an organisation dedicated to bringing best practice, quality educational resources and innovative systems in Academic, Skill Development, Vocational and Corporate trainings. These learning resources and systems support the development, training and education of various sectors across the world; including academic education, e-Learning and faculty/institution management.

We work as a consultant, project manager, enabler, with partners across India, South East Asia, African subcontinent, Europe, Middle East and beyond to identify, develop and deploy quality, innovative, proven materials for training, learning and assessment.

Our Approach

TMSV Edutech has highly qualified associates who bring together experience and expertise from across the educational and training world. We have the express commitment to provide reliable, realistic and worthwhile learning and assessment to all industry verticals.

We select teams of trainer-assessors for each client based on their industry-relevant experience so they understand the market issues and can quickly immerse themselves, understand the culture and goals and tailor appropriate programmes which deliver real return on investment. Our sector expertise includes Online and Offline Academic courses, Skill development and training, Vocational training with hands-on experience, Corporate trainings and other industries.

Our Impact

Our clients value and embrace our approach because of our market knowledge and management expertise in designing and delivering large-scale modules to increase the skills and competencies of existing and new employees. We excel in partnership working and can bring in other expertise or work alongside other training providers if needed.

TMSV trainers are chosen for their professional qualifications, practical knowledge, experience and their reputation for excellent communication skills. We use a wide range of learning techniques as our aim is to provide our clients with the highest possible standard of training and enable them to make immediate use of this learning.

Our training is informed, evidence-based, very practically focused and always delivered in an engaging way which leads to excellent evaluation and delegate feedback.